Pastors & Staff

Lucas Bradburn

Elder/Pastor of Preaching & Teaching

Meet Lucas Bradburn, the dedicated Pastor of Preaching and Teaching at Creekside. Lucas, alongside his wife, Allison, embarked on their journey together in November 2008, and their family has since been blessed with six wonderful children – Anna, Benjamin, Owen, Grace, Abraham, and Henry.

Lucas brings a wealth of theological education to his pastoral role, holding a Master of Divinity degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, and a B.A. in Biblical Studies from San Diego Christian College. Guided by God's grace, Lucas was fortunate to grow up in a Christian home and embraced a personal relationship with Christ at an early age.

Having served in pastoral ministry for several years, Lucas's journey led him to Creekside, where he currently serves as the Pastor of Preaching and Teaching. Before joining CBC, he served as an associate pastor at Hillside Evangelical Free Church on Whidbey Island, WA.

Lucas is deeply passionate about expositional preaching, a commitment to unveiling the truths of Scripture verse by verse. His love for people and dedication to making disciples reflect his desire to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Beyond the pulpit, Lucas enjoys the simple pleasures of life – reading, exercising, and cherishing moments spent with his family. His multifaceted approach to ministry and personal life reflects a genuine love for both God's Word and the people he serves.

Frank Matz

Elder/Pastor of Administration, Discipleship  & Outreach

Meet Frank Matz, a humble servant and dynamic community leader whose life is a testament to God's grace and guidance. Frank is honored to be part of the Creekside Bible Church community in Rogue River since 2022, where he serves with absolute joy as one of the pastors.

Beyond his pastoral role, Frank wears many hats, serving as a Consultant and Leadership Coach, volunteering with Safe Families for Children, and offering his expertise as a Life Coach for Hearts with a Mission. As the Co-owner of Summit Construction & Painting, Frank contributes to the community by creating spaces that reflect both excellence and care.

In addition to his various roles, Frank is the Co-founder and Program Director for Legacy Family & Leadership, where his passion for nurturing strong families and cultivating leadership shines brightly. His involvement on several boards and leadership cohorts speaks to his commitment to community development.
Frank's journey with his wife, Teresa, began in 1998, and together they have been blessed with six children and two grandchildren. Their commitment to fostering, mentoring, and hosting international exchange students reflects their heart for making a positive impact on young lives.

Frank's professional journey is as diverse as it is impactful. From his service in the United States Air Force to leadership roles in retail, corporate teams, volunteer management, educational leadership, non-profit and organizational management, and church planting – Frank's life has been a tapestry woven with threads of service, leadership, and faith.

Passionate about helping people succeed, Frank finds joy in his roles as a pastor, consultant, coach, and community builder. Outside of his many responsibilities, Frank cherishes moments with his family, enjoys dreaming, reading, and volunteers to further contribute to the well-being of his community.

Frank's story is one of humility, service, and a deep acknowledgment of God's guiding hand throughout his journey. As he continues to serve and lead, Frank remains steadfast in his commitment to seeing people thrive and succeed under the grace of God.

Rob Robison

Elder/Pastor of Biblical Counseling & Men's Ministries

Meet Rob, our dedicated Elder and Pastor of Biblical Counseling & Men's Ministries. With a heart for shepherding and a passion for equipping individuals to navigate life's challenges, Rob brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to our community.

Rob's journey in ministry is marked by a commitment to biblical counseling, and understanding the transformative power of God's Word in the lives of individuals and families. As our Pastor of Biblical Counseling, he compassionately walks alongside those seeking guidance, offering a listening ear, scriptural insights, and practical wisdom to address a variety of life's complexities.

Rob's approach to ministry is characterized by a genuine love for people, a commitment to sound biblical teaching, and a desire to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel. Whether he's leading a counseling session, facilitating a men's group, or preaching from the pulpit, Rob's heart is to point others towards a deeper relationship with Christ and the abundant life found in Him.

Adding to the tapestry of Rob's life is his wonderful family. He is joyfully married to Christine, his partner in ministry and life's journey. Together, they have been blessed with many children who bring warmth and energy to their home. And let's not forget the joy of grandchildren, the little lights that bring laughter and love into their lives.

Rob's commitment to both his family and his ministry roles exemplifies a beautiful balance between personal relationships and the calling to shepherd God's people.

Thomas Dale

Elder/Pastor of Youth & College Ministries

Introducing Thomas Dale, our devoted Elder and Pastor of Youth and College at Creekside. Together with his wife, Rachel, they embarked on the journey of marriage in 2007 and have been blessed with four beautiful children – Kara, Noah, William, and Josiah.

In his role as the overseer of the Youth Ministry department, Thomas brings a contagious passion for preaching and teaching God's Word. His commitment to the spiritual growth and well-being of the youth and college community at Creekside is evident in every aspect of his ministry.

Thomas is not just a pastor; he is a shepherd with a heart dedicated to guiding young minds towards a deeper understanding of their faith. His desire to instill the values of God's Word in the lives of the next generation is reflected in the vibrant and engaging youth programs under his leadership.

Outside the ministry, Thomas and Rachel find joy and fulfillment in the beautiful chaos of raising their four children. The Dale family is a testament to the warmth and love that defines the community at Creekside.

Thomas's journey is marked by a genuine love for God's Word and a commitment to equipping young hearts to navigate the complexities of faith. As he continues to serve as an Elder and Pastor, Thomas remains an inspiring leader and mentor, leaving an indelible impact on the youth and college community at Creekside.

Brian Luzney

Elder/Pastor of Biblical Counseling

Meet Brian, a dynamic individual balancing the worlds of academia, entrepreneurship, and pastoral ministry. Currently pursuing his studies in seminary, Brian is not only a dedicated student of theology but also a hands-on professional who wears multiple hats with passion and purpose.

In this pastoral role, he brings his theological insights into practical application, guiding individuals through life's challenges with a compassionate heart and a solid foundation in God's Word.

Adding to the richness of Brian's life is his wonderful family. He is happily married to DeeDee, his supportive partner in all endeavors. Together, they have been blessed with a beautiful family, including their amazing kids who bring joy and laughter into their home. And let's not forget the grandchildren, the source of endless delight and cherished moments.

Brian's journey is an inspiring testament to the integration of faith, learning, and service. His unique combination of roles reflects a holistic approach to life and ministry, where the principles of theology seamlessly intertwine with the demands of everyday living.

Ginny Barnes

Church Secretary

Meet Ginny, the heart and soul behind the scenes at Creekside as our dedicated church secretary. With grace and warmth, she has been an essential part of our community, bringing both a spirit of service and a depth of compassion.

Ginny's journey is woven with threads of love and legacy. Her late husband was a faithful pastor who left an indelible mark on the hearts of those he served. Though he has passed away, the impact of his ministry continues to resonate within his family.

As the church secretary, Ginny not only efficiently manages administrative tasks but also brings a touch of kindness to every interaction. Her commitment to serving others reflects not just a job but a calling to be a source of support and comfort for those who seek assistance.

Ginny's journey is a testament to resilience and faith. In the face of loss, she has remained steadfast, embodying the strength that comes from a deep trust in God's plan. Her life is a living tribute to the legacy of her husband and a testament to the enduring power of love and faith.

Beyond her role in the office, Ginny is an integral part of our church family. Her warm smile and caring presence create an atmosphere of hospitality, making everyone feel welcome and valued. In the midst of her responsibilities, she carries the memory of her husband's faithful service, a beacon of inspiration for all who know her.

And here's a little more about Ginny's family – she has three beautiful daughters, all married to wonderful, godly husbands, and together they have blessed her with 13 of the most amazing grandchildren in the world.

Join us in celebrating Ginny – a pillar of strength, a servant with a heart of gold, and a cherished member of our church community. Her life embodies the spirit of love, service, and faith that continues to shape the identity of Creekside.